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Combat Guide

[Combat Guide]
1.Right-click a target to automatically attack it with your Default Skill. Or press "Tab" on your keyboard to select the nearest target.
2. Left-click, hold and drag a Skill icon into the Hotkey Bar.Then, left-click  the Skill icon or press the corresponding Hotkey to use the Skill.
PS:Make sure your weapon is an Enchanted Weapon! Regular weapons do not have any special skills.
3.Combat will end if you move too far away from your target.

[Combo points]
Certain special skills require Combo points.

[Collecting Loot]
1.Right-click on a corpse, click the loot you want.
2.Auto-Loot: Hold "Shift" and "Right-click" on a defeated target to automatically pick up all available loot items.