Elite Set Gloves & Bottoms (PVP) FREE - Just 8,000 Points Purchased!

2013-04-01 00:47:39

Event Duration: Apr 1st 00:01am - Apr 3rd 11:59 pm EDT (GMT-4) Event Details Reach 8,000 Points in total purchases during the event, and you wi...

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EGG SMASH This Easter - For Wings and Rings!

2013-03-29 03:57:46

Event Period: Mar 29th to Apr 1st 11:59pm EDT (GMT-4) Event Details:: Buy 600 Points during the event period and get a free egg-smashing chance! ...

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Enhancement Jubilee!

2013-03-29 01:36:53

Buy Points to win the best Illusory III & Magic Concentrate I Gift Packs for FREE! Event Period: Mar 29th 00:01am - Mar 31st 11:59 pm EDT (GMT-4) ...

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Let's Get Married!

2013-03-29 01:35:10

The ultimate Marriage gift pack is on sale in the mall! Now's the perfect time to marry your beloved in Moonlight! Event Period: Mar 29th 00:01am -...

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Celebrate Easter With A 50% BONUS!

2013-03-29 01:13:33

Event Duration Mar 29th 00:01am - Mar 31st 11:59 pm EDT (GMT-4) Event Details All purchases made during the event period will receive 50% MORE...

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Buy Points & Win Gifts Galore!

2013-03-28 05:09:37

Buy points and win gifts galore! Ancient Bronze Coin, Ancient Silver Coin and Ancient Gold Coin will be up for grabs when you purchase the required amount of...

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Spinnin' In Moonlight For GREAT Gifts!

2013-03-25 02:10:41

Event Duration:Mar 25th 3:30 am -Mar 28th 11:59 pm EDT (GMT-4) Event Details When the wheels turn in Moonlight Online, it can only ...

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Just 20,000 Points For The COOLEST Mount – The Lion King!

2013-03-25 02:08:03

Event Duration:Mar 25th 0:01 am -Mar 28th 11:59 pm EDT (GMT-4) Event Details If your pockets are jingling with coins, you might just be a...

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Enjoy Double EXP/Energy On The House!

2013-03-22 01:40:07

Enjoy DOUBLE EXP and Energy on the house starting today! Don't miss out on this very special time of the year! Event Period: Mar 22th 23:59 - M...

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Moonlight Online: Global Goes LIVE – March 21st 21:30 EDT(GMT-4)

2013-03-21 20:05:42

War is about to erupt on all fronts, bringing the promise of bloodshed and death. The time has come for you to heed the call and be the hero that your clan n...

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