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Just Can't Get Enough - Win Big At Lucky Wheel!

2013-07-19 05:05:58

Event Duration: July 18th 00:00  - July 25th 23:59 EST (GMT-5)

Event Details
When the wheels turn in Moonlight Online, it can only mean ONE thing – GREAT REWARDS are tumblin’ out, in truckloads!
Come take a spin! (Every 500 Points purchased during the event gets you 1 FREE chance at spinning the wheel. The more spins, the better your rewards!)
Click here to play lucky wheel!
Rules and Regulations
1. Please be sure to select the right server and character before spinning the wheel.
2.Your rewards will be sent to your in-game mailbox within 10 minutes of being drawn.
3.All spins must be used up during the event period, or they will be forfeited automatically after the event ends. 
Grand Rewards
1. Michael's Wings (Superior)
2. 1000,000 EXP (Bound)
3. Golden Scroll (Bound)
4. Honor Fragments
5. +12 Triprime V
6. Bethlen Badge